Cloud NI9E  –  Voyage   〈MIX CD〉

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壱,  radio.1 
弐,  Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E  LIVE at Osaka 
參,  radio.2 
~Exclusive track~
2nd Floor Soldiers
Kensho Kuma & Orukusaki (a.k.a.2nd Floor Samurais)

Mixed by Cloud NI9E
Mastered by I.T.O (Big-p from Recognize)
Art work by SJR (XOSYSTEM)
Directed by mza goose
2017.12.1 Release
twelve records



Kensho Kuma– Solo Shogun Stories Tour- France ’17



~twelve records presents~


2017.10/28(sat) PM22:00~那覇 @熱血社交場

WITH FLYER:2000yen(1D)

 20170925digitalisland21-1 LOSER RADIO in OKINAWA 」

2017.10/28(sat) PM17:00~19:00  ON AIR


【supported by twelve records & CHOCOLATE JESUS】






2FS(Kensho Kuma & Orukusaki) w/ Cloud NI9E  Live in Asia 2017





7/28- Zeala, Osaka
7/29- 西九条 TBA
7/29- DUKE BAR,高槻
7/30- Sengoku, Osaka
8/5- El Puente, 横浜
8/7- Chelsea Hotel, 渋谷

8/10- Soul Food House, 麻布十番
8/12- Wild Side, 新宿
8/12- Family,渋谷
8/12- Breakdown@Coins, 渋谷

8/15- Tetoka, 神田
8/18- Rock City Hanoi, Hanoi
8/19- Chez Xuan, Hanoi
8/20- Birdcage, Hanoi
8/24- Waterfront, Da Nang

8/25- May Cay, Ho Chi Minh

8/26- Indika, Ho Chi Minh

8/30- May Cay, Ho Chi Minh
9/1- Jam Cafe, Bangkok
9/2- Overstay, Bangkok
9/8- Live Lounge BKK, Bangkok

9/10- Black Pagota, Bangkok
9/16- Beatlounge, Bangkok



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Kensho Kuma 



DJ KIYO “Smooth Sailing”


~track list~
1. A June & J Beat / Into The New World
2. A June & J Beat / Time Traveler
3. A June & J Beat / Lately feat. Vick D
4. Urban Romantic City / Lost Times feat. Masstige, Overflow
5. A June & J Beat / Thankful for feat. Funky DL
6. A June & J Beat / A Glow In The Sky feat. Part Time Cooks
7. A June & J Beat / Blue Bird Story feat. K. Eddie
8. A June & J Beat / Be Me, Be You feat. Paulie Rhyme
9. A June & J Beat / Dipso feat. Toy, Jake Pains
10. A June & J Beat / Young feat. J. Han, Sam Ock
11. Avens / Top Of The World feat. Steph Pockets & Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
12. Nencol / Su LiZhen
13. Aosaki / Grievous Summer
14. Cloud NI9E / Winter Memories
15. Nencol / I Saw Your Eyes
16. Urban Romantic City / Lazy Cozy Monday
17. Aosaki / Tangible
18. Cloud NI9E / 雪月華
19. A June & J Beat / Sound Waves Pt.4 feat. DJ Hazey82
20. Urban Romantic City / Daydream feat. White Rain
21. Nencol / Last Sunday Morning



2017.9.20 Release



“Golden Gate

Produced by Cloud NI9E
Written by Kensho Kuma,Denero,Slice IX, Unlearn the World,Spread Fox
Scratches by D.A.I(Incurire Production)
Mastered by Kazz
Directed by Miyavi,Mza_Goose(twelve records)